Friday, September 30, 2011

Tesselaars Tulip Festival 2011

This year the festival started earlier than usual.  The warmer weather had caused all the flowers to bloom sooner than normal.  The display was definitely worth visiting!

We spent the day with wonderful friends, the kids having a ball running between the brilliant rows of flowers. 



The different days of the festival are themed.  We went on a Turkish day (the foods were really fabulous!).  The marching band was quite the experience to see.

Definitely going to visit again next year!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


The last couple of months have been a little chaotic.  My son came back from camp with a bit of a cold.  By the Saturday, he couldn’t keep his eyes open, kept on falling asleep.  At first we thought he just picked up a bit of the flu.  But by Tuesday I rushed him to emergency because of the rash he developed.  They were really quick in seeing him, though we ended visiting quite a few different specialists.  Turns out he had zoster ophthalmicus, a rare form of shingles that attacks the eye nerve.  Recovery took quite  a few weeks.  So far he has passed all his eye check-ups.  The final one is only in January, but so far all is looking good.

Planet with sunrise

So we got through those weeks, then my younger one went on camp.  He came back with a serious case of the flu.  Doctor says two weeks for him to recover, which covers the whole of the school holidays.  We are watching lots of dvds and eating lots of ice cream … and I am playing around, trying to learn a few new things.  The “planet” above I created following the tutorial on this page:

Maybe I will do some housework over this time… or maybe not!