Friday, October 24, 2014

Autumn Fairy

One of our neighbours recommended Stevens Pass as one of the best places to see the fall colours, so I was really excited when we had the opportunity to visit up there.  We did not get much notice, so I had to put together a costume real quick.  I was glad I had been planning for a while.

We put together a headdress from autumn leaves and cream flowers.  (ps glue gun + haste = burnt fingers) I had wanted to experiment with a black swan dress I had had for a while.   I roped in my husband to play assistant.  It rained intermittently, so we made use of the first break of the clouds.  The clouds created awesome soft light.




Thursday, October 23, 2014

A weekend away

We are still living in a house that is part construction site.  We had to get out for the weekend on short notice as they had to smoke-seal the ceilings. (Unhealthy fumes and all that.)  Found a lovely cabin up in the mountains (Stevens Pass) to go stay at.  It was beautiful up there with all the autumn / fall colours. 

There was even a river nearby we could walk to.

We spent the rainy hours playing board games, a great way to relax (especially for me since I won most of them! Winking smile I usually play as teammate for my youngest. )  Our puppy loved the outdoors and slept the rest of the time.  He seems to prefer the cold tiles. 

The misty mornings were so beautiful, everything would glow from the dew.  It felt like we were walking around in a fairytale, with cabins peaking out between the trees and moss growing everywhere.


I even had a chance to take some photos for a photo shoot I had planned for a while.  We took these right outside the cabin.  Some blue skies peeked through the clouds and I roped in the family to help. I had a puppy who loved photo bombing!

I’ll post more on the fall photo shoot soon…

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Elsa Project – Stage 2

Got going again on the Halloween costumes.  Excuse the background, but I am cutting on the bedroom floor.  With two and a half rooms still out of action, we are a little short on space!


The skirt is going to be a bit swishier than the one in the movie, we settled on a circle skirt.  I am free-handing the cutting a little, but it seems to be working.  (I am using bits from about 5 different patterns to build this dress!) I am adding a longer layer in white satin for extra warmth. 

My daughter is using the left-over bits to make clothes for her dolls and ponies.  The sewing lessons we did over the summer are paying off.  I showed her how to cut patterns from paper and she took it from there (pony got a circle skirt too).


The cloak is nearly finished.  I just need to finish off the hood inside and add a seam to the bottom.  She loves it so far!

Oh, and she helped me make the snowflakes for her hair.  I posted a pic over on Instagram