Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dress-up day

My daughter had dress-up day at school recently, which, for a 5-year-old makes a perfect day!  A friend had dropped off this giant teddy for her and she just had to pose in her dress-up outfit (which she changed later to be a pink ninja).


The studio nearly came down around her when she decided to toss the giant bear!  But we had a fun 5 minute session regardless…

The bear is now a a shared rotation between her and her brother.  They take turns sleeping with it each night.  When the eldest got sick last week, he appropriated it for himself (apparently it makes a great comforting cushion!)  It is back to sleeping in the younger twos’ beds.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The simple things

So much has been happening in the last semester, I had to cut back on a few things so I would not get swamped.  After a good break in the holidays, I am up and rearing to go on a new semester.  We have been reorganising the house, changed some priorities and hopefully this semester will go smoothly.  We are trying to do things more simply and spend more time with the kids.  (playing hide and seek amongst other things!)

More to come…