Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Sunday after church we stayed to socialise and have some coffee in the church foyer.  A young boy quietly walked up to my younger son and whispered to him: “Tag, you’re it!”.  The two of them then proceeded to walk really calmly to the hall.  As their feet left the floor of the foyer, the chase was on, with them laughing and calling out to each other.  It is amazing how seeing your child happy, can make your heart feel like it will burst with joy!


My daughter and I got the flu so we just sat quietly.  She went to fetch a biscuit, then broke it in half to share with me.


These photos are taken with my new studio lights.  It is so much fun to practice what we learn in class!    And my kids don’t seem to mind posing for me…


I will hopefully be updating  a bit more regularly.  The flu seems to be slowly going away.