Monday, October 13, 2014

The Elsa Project – Stage 2

Got going again on the Halloween costumes.  Excuse the background, but I am cutting on the bedroom floor.  With two and a half rooms still out of action, we are a little short on space!


The skirt is going to be a bit swishier than the one in the movie, we settled on a circle skirt.  I am free-handing the cutting a little, but it seems to be working.  (I am using bits from about 5 different patterns to build this dress!) I am adding a longer layer in white satin for extra warmth. 

My daughter is using the left-over bits to make clothes for her dolls and ponies.  The sewing lessons we did over the summer are paying off.  I showed her how to cut patterns from paper and she took it from there (pony got a circle skirt too).


The cloak is nearly finished.  I just need to finish off the hood inside and add a seam to the bottom.  She loves it so far!

Oh, and she helped me make the snowflakes for her hair.  I posted a pic over on Instagram

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