Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sleeping innocence

There is something so amazing and wondrous about watching a little newborn sleep.  There is always just a little bit of the face visible, and sometimes they wiggle out their fingers as well.

She was the most amazingly well-behaved little one!  Her very calm and relaxed (though a little tired) parents had already managed to get her into a routine.  (More photos on Facebook)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Angels and Fairies

For this semester’s portfolio, I took more than 4000 photos of 12 little girls.  The kids were just so much fun to work with!  These are two more photos I love, but didn’t make it into the folio.


We are running around a bit still.  Looking forward to next Thursday when I hand in and classes are finished for a while.  Will be great to go to bed at a more respectable time (I think I am getting old fast!).  The house-hunting is going well I think.  We should be able to find a new place before the current landlord needs to move back into this house. (At least this time my hand isn’t broken, so I can help carry things!)  The kids have been great.  They already started packing up their rooms themselves.  I better get back to work!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Choosing portfolio pieces

Our final portfolios are due for the semester.  Choosing and processing and test printing is taking up a tremendous amount of time this year.  Part of choosing images for a portfolio is making sure the series works.  So often, favourites don’t make it into the series because they don’t fit with the other images.  This is a sneak peek of some of the images I took. (I just had to share some of these cute girls!)


I will post the final images when the parents have seen them after they have been marked.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A wedding in a rose garden

A beautiful day with blue skies after a week of rain was granted Zacc and Kim on their wedding day.  Everything on the day went absolutely perfectly.  The hardest part is choosing the photos to post!  We started with a small session with Kim getting ready at home.


The ceremony was held at the beautifully serene Daly Waters Rose Farm.  The little white chapel was gorgeous, with roses blooming everywhere on the grounds.



The reception at Barmah Park Winery was fabulous.  Zacc’s brother-in-law did a fantastic job as the master of ceremonies.  The groom also surprised his new wife with a song!


More photos on the Facebook page

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kids at play

The last couple of months have been unusually busy.  I was working on my final portfolio for this semester and also got some commercial bookings.  Between learning new skills and working, the poor blog got sadly neglected!  Well, the portfolio is almost ready for printing, I have almost caught up with all my sessions and classes are nearly finished, so I figured I better start blogging again!  I missed sharing all my images!

My portfolio for this semester is about little girls’ dreams.  I got some studio lights and started practicing using a blank background. Then I lined up some willing little models and we had a ton of fun!  I will share the final photos when the parents have seen them.

I have so many more photos to share from weddings to newborns!  I will post them in the coming days.