Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back to the park

We went to Westerfolds Park again today. My husband did not have to work today, so we could go as a family. It was a quick walk around, since my husband and I had to go for driving lessons this afternoon (one of the unexpected joys of immigration is having to redo your driver's license)

The number of birds in the park is amazing. The sounds and variety is quite something for a family from the city. I am actually surprised none of us fell down, because we were permanently looking up at the trees, looking for the origin of the songs. I think at some stage we will need to get a bird guide so we can recognise the birds. Luckily there are a lot of information boards in the park, informing you of the types of creatures you might see.

Nature is really beautiful. The Yarra river runs through the park, so there is a variety of flora.

And we got to see kangaroos again. They were quite close to the car park. We only noticed them by accident. They are surprisingly hard to spot in the tall grass. Apparently these are the Eastern Grey Kangaroos.

Westerfolds Park website

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