Friday, December 3, 2010

Big Ants!

Earlier the week I had to walk to school to fetch my son from sport.  (Clutch on the car broke, so I got a workout!)  My youngest has developed a immense fascination with anything that remotely resembles a bug, including spiders, ants and snails (eeeuuuwww!!)  We spent about 10 minutes watching this huge ant walking along the path.  The little black speck in the foreground is a normal ant.

You will probably be seeing more bugs on this page in the followings weeks.  She makes me take a picture of every one that she likes…. which is most of them.  I think we are finally convincing her not to pick up spiders at least!


  1. Great picture! They are fascinating!

  2. They are! Though I have been warned a lot in the last few days that their bite is extremely painful :D Glad we kept our distance