Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Middle of the night crisis

Hubby woke up in the middle of the night to an unusual noise.  Ran outside and came back yelling to call 911.  The neighbour’s house was on fire.  Long story short, the fire ran along the fence and ours’ caught fire too. (never realised how loud a fire could be!)

We got the kids and puppy out to our other neighbours’ place, then hubby and I grabbed our documents and pcs and hard drives.  I dumped all my gear back into my camera bag (thank goodness it is quick and easy to pack!) and moved it all outside, away from the house.


Really grateful to the Redmond Fire Department and all the other surrounding departments who also arrived.  They arrived within minutes and quickly got things under control.  (Two-house fire so they brought a whole team for each house.)  Our wonderful neighbours all came out to help and support us too.  They really all made life easier, the neighbours taking the kids in to sleep since we spent the rest of the night waiting for the all clear and filling in witness statements.

It is shocking to see how fast a fire grows, doubles in size every minute in a normal fire.  This one started in a shed, so plenty of fuel (including an exploding propane tank).  It moved really fast.  When we were all safe and the fire department had arrived, I got my camera out, to keep my hands busy and snapped a few shots.

A miracle no-one was hurt and nothing sentimental was lost in either house.

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