Thursday, September 4, 2014

PAX Prime 2014

We got tickets to go to the local Penny Arcade Expo, though unfortunately not together.  It was such fun to see all the cosplayers and all the new games coming out.

First it was the big queue for the loot bag. It moved really fast and everyone behaved very well, no pushing or shoving or queue-jumping.


The events were held in other buildings. Lots of banners and stalls.


Some awesome statues to advertise the games.


You could even take a “bull-ride” on one!


There was a section where you could paint figurines.  They were very cool!


Awesome artwork everywhere!



There were a variety of board and card games as well.  Everyone seemed to be having great fun playing.  Lots of new console and pc games around, a lot playing demos on giant screens.







The cosplay outfits were phenomenal.  The amount of work people put into the costumes is immense.  The details are amazing!



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