Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Picture I didn’t take

Last night I had a little bit of an accident.  I ran up the stairs, tripped and hit the wall with my fingers outstretched…. Heard a snap…  Tried to immediately take my rings off, but it was already too late.  And then the pain hit.  (Curled up in a little ball and wailed like a baby I’m afraid!)


Quite a few hours between emergency rooms and x-rays showed a gorgeous little break inside my hand on the ring finger.  Spent the whole morning back in emergency for a new cast (They had to cut off my rings!).  And now I am already bored… All my projects I started this weekend are staring at me.  I can’t finish any of them one-handed!


Well, for the next few weeks I guess I will have to practice the Joe McNally camera hold: bracing the camera on one shoulder.  And my house is going to be absolute chaos!


  1. O how awful! Best wishes to you. Patience can be the hardest thing!

  2. thank you Joy! Not doing so well in the patience department ;) Hubby has been an angel though, reorganising his schedule to help me out