Friday, August 13, 2010

Fix It Friday at iHeartFaces

This week’s photo is of the cutest little boy!  He has a twin.  Just as well the photo is just of one of them, those eyes are mesmerising!  This is the original photo.

Fix-It Friday #66

I first did a basic edit with some sharpening and a blur to soften noise and smooth his skin.  I also cloned out the blue shirt and blond hair.  I added a screen capture of the layers I used, including a photo filter to warm up his skin tone.  The Hue/Saturation layer just made his red shirt and lips a bit warmer and brighter.

I then added a crop.  The photo is great on its own, I think, but I do like the crop as well.  His eyes are just such a big part of the image, I wanted less distraction.

Playing around with a black and white version, I came up with something I really like.

These are just some experiments with Pioneer Woman’s actions.

Old West Soft & Faded
Sunshine Vintage

Amazing what we can do with technology!

To see more edits of this image, be sure to visit the website by clicking on the link above.


  1. The sunshine action worked really well with this photo. Your black and white turned out great! Great job!