Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Joy of new life

I haven’t been able to post much (or take many images) over the last two weeks.  My mother came to visit, but she is a bit ill, so time for myself was a little in short supply.  In the middle of the visit, Michelle called to ask if I would like to take some photos of her pregnancy.  Time was a little in short supply, since her due date is this week!  I was ecstatic to have the opportunity.  She is such a glowing, beautiful mother!

So here are some images of her and her gorgeous little girl.  (This was my first maternity shoot.)


Hopefully we will get back to our normal routine from this week on.  Just one more hurdle.  We found a lump in my daughter’s throat last week.  The long weekend made all the doctor’s appointments a little problematic.  The blood tests were done, we are going for a scan today.  Hopefully nothing serious.


  1. Beautiful pregnancy photoes.
    Fingers crossed that the scan shows no problem.

  2. Hope everything is going to get well on the scan.

    Beautiful photos ! Congrats ;)

  3. Thank you Claudia! The family was wonderful :) The scans came back clear of cancer for which we are extremely grateful. She will still need an operation to remove the cyst. Sounds like something pretty routine though