Saturday, June 26, 2010

What is better than a rainbow?

It is freezing cold in Melbourne these days, with clouds, wind and rain.  We are definitely grateful for the rain after the long dry season, but sometimes we get a little depressed when the piles of washing don’t want to dry!  It was all worth it today though.  I quickly popped out to pick up a few necessities when the sun peeked out between the dark clouds.  Coming home, we were treated to the most glorious, huge, bright rainbow we have ever seen!


And not just one!  It was a double rainbow.  The kids were entranced.  I managed to find a spot I could pull over to take some pictures.



It made for a very special day.  (In the moments before the rain came again!)


  1. Thank you! It was fantastic to see, and even better because my kids got to see it too!