Sunday, January 2, 2011


For the coming year, I figured I will try and iron more of the clothes… and get down to the beach more often.  Don’t know if I will keep to either, but every time we go to the beach, we come home with great memories! (Taken in Frankston)

Late afternoon is such a great time to go to the beach.  The weather is perfect and the beach is calm.  Watching the sunset is an added bonus!


  1. Best ironing tip I have heard:
    Have a special basket to put the clothes that need ironing in.
    When it is full ~
    take it to the Op Shop!

    Enjoy the beach!!!!

    (PS I quite like ironing!)

  2. Oh I like that tip! :D My mom also likes ironing. She says it is calming. I must have missed inheriting that gene ;)

  3. Yes, I must have the same gene as your mum! I find it calming too. :)