Saturday, August 29, 2009

All four seasons…

On Friday the weather was absolutely beautiful.  Sunny blue skies with wisps of cloud, virtually no wind after days of wild weather. 

I took the chance to take my daughter to Ruffey Lake Park again, so we could try to see more of it.  It really is a beautiful, huge park.  Was really lovely chatting to some of the people walking their dogs.

We saw some birds I first took to be cockatoos, but when we got closer, I realised they were something quite different – pink instead of yellow.  Still big and noisy, but really aggressive towards each other.

A river flows through the park, with bridges connecting the two sides.


Many flowers are blooming close to the water.  All the colours and shapes were beautiful.  Here and there were signs of the insects making them home.


A big tree had lost its battle against the elements, falling down carrying tons of pinecones.  Its broken trunk looked bright and golden in a shaft of sunlight.

And Saturday?  Well, Saturday the rain came pouring down!  It is very welcome though.  Hopefully Melbourne will get a lot more of it.

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