Sunday, August 16, 2009


also known as “Leaving homework until the last minute

For class I have to try to take a panning  shots.  I figured I could do it this weekend using the kids on the playground with the swings and the slide.  Of course the weather went south and it started raining buckets and everyone is staying indoors because of the strong winds.  Just when I was about to despair, the sun came out for about an half hour. 

Jumping did not work so well…

So I made my boys run.  It took a little while for them to realise they shouldn’t stop when they get in the shot.

But then they got the hang of it.


(Never thought my kids could make such cool tools for doing homework!)


  1. So cool! Isn't the energy in them wonderful!

  2. Thanks! Poor kids were so tired afterwards, especially the oldest. Think he spends too much time reading... The younger one (in red) did love all the running though.