Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lighting a little girl

I got a few boxes of confetti on sale at the store recently and had an idea of how I wanted to use them.  The wind has been blowing quite strongly lately, so I thought it would make a fun image of the wind blowing my youngest’s hair along with the confetti.  So one afternoon late, when the sun was just beautiful and the wind blowing like crazy, I put her in her favourite dress and got the whole family to help.


So first a few practice photos, to make sure the light was set up right.

Then the boys started throwing confetti.  She started twirling all on her own, with the wind billowing her hair and the dress…


With the last of the light fading quickly, the confetti running out, we finally timed it perfectly. She became a little princess, being blown by the wind… 

I need to find some more confetti!  It makes for really special memories!  (and the wind can definitely stay too!  It is an awesome assistant!)

-this was lit with a flash, a reflector and sunset


  1. Thank you Joy :) Everyone had a lot of fun making these!