Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spring in the Forest

The wire came out of my hand Friday, so I have some mobility back.  About the experience, well, lets just say that watching a doctor try to yank out a wire from your hand with a pair of pliers isn’t a great sight (or feeling).  Lots of exercises over the following weeks should get  my hand back to full strength soon I hope!  My opinion about this whole business?  Breaking your hand is not to be recommended!

Even with a cast on, I have been getting around a bit.  With hubby on leave during his mom’s visit, we have been visiting all the cool places we could think of when it didn’t rain.  Sherbrooke Forest is one of my favourite spots!  Signs of spring are everywhere.

There were lots of crimson rosellas and Australian king parrots around, eager to be fed.

We came home extremely muddy, but happy!


  1. What a relief to get that wire out! Good luck with your exercises. Thankyou for these beautiful pictures of Spring!

  2. It is a pleasure Joy :) I love how the flowers come out with any hint of sunshine