Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chewton Market

On Saturday mornings there is a lovely little market in Chewton, an old mining town.  The people were so friendly and sociable, not caring too much that it kept raining on everyone.

The CFA (fire brigade) was there collecting money. This chap was really friendly and had so much energy.

Even in Chewton they like proteas.  It is always funny to find reminders of South Africa in such unexpected places.

The dog was muzzled to keep him from chewing through his lead, according to his owner.  Really  a lovely dog with such a great temperament.

This gentleman was really patient while I took his photo.  A really tall, strong man wearing lovely colours.  Warm, bright and cheerful on such a cold and clammy day.

The day just got too long for some.

Couldn’t you just see him in the mining days?

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