Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lake on Golden Point Road

One of our stops was at a lake near Chewton.  The idea was to get sunset shots. Well, from there you cannot see much of the sunset, but the environment is really beautiful and peaceful.  You arrive with this huge open lake in front of you, surrounded by hills.  The water was calm, with ducks swimming amongst the reeds.  Reflections were everywhere.  Small flowers were budding on vines growing up against the rushes.


On one side a little river was flowing out of the lake.  It make for lots of tiny waterfalls.


It was definitely a popular spot for everyone to take photos.


Below the lake were tons of beautiful views.  Different flowers, seeds and plants all over. It was sheltered, so felt like walking through a forest.  Fallen trees and cut tree trunks added to the magical atmosphere.


The sunset was mostly behind the hills, but it lent some soft colours to the cloudy sky.



Cold and wet and muddy, it was time to go home.


  1. Lovely! I know Chewton, and these photoes take me back to my time in Central Victoria.

  2. Glad it brings back good memories :) I am hoping to take my family there soon so they can see it too.