Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jasmine Star New Zealand Workshop

Jasmine Star is a phenomenal wedding photographer based in the USA.  She is coming to Australia and New Zealand soon to give workshops. (

You can see some of her photos here on her blog:

Well, she is giving away a seat in her New Zealand workshop.  The competition entails posting a self-portrait.  Now, there is a reason I TAKE the photos and am very seldom in them.  This is (part of) me, taken really early this morning, warts and all… (My nose isn’t in the shot because I judged it to be too big.  It would hog the show!)

The star is also part of the competition.  Luckily I keep a few around for rewarding my kids.


  1. Haunting eyes... Those eyes have seen a thing or two in life it seems. Nice shot, mysterious shot..! I hope you win!

  2. Lol, sometimes not so nice things, but especially lately, some absolutely awesome things! Thanks, would be great to go to the workshop AND get to see New Zealand :) It would be an awesome learning experience