Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunrise from The Bluff, Barwon Heads

My last chance to take sunrise photos came on the Monday.  I had been using my mobile phone as an alarm and the battery was on its last legs.  My daughter got restless at 5:10am, so I decided to just get up. The timing couldn’t have been more prefect.

I walked to the top of the bluff.  This is the view from the top, from first light to full sun up.  In the distance you can see Mornington Peninsula.  You can also see Queenscliff and Sorrento, where the ferry crosses.


Some definite advantages to getting up early when on holiday!


PS I got the new website up and running:

Thanks to my wonderful husband for putting it all together for me.


  1. I love her beautiful sweet face on your blog header! AND the pictures of sunrise on the sea!

  2. Thank you Joy! She is a real little angel most days.
    I was really blessed to get those shots. About an hour or so after sunrise, the mist would roll in and everything would be white.