Friday, November 13, 2009

The Wreck of the W.B. Godfrey

One of our stops along the way was at the wreck of the WB Godfrey.  Not much was left, but a part of the mast and a canon. 

We got there at low tide, so we had a beautiful view. 

The kids of course just loved being able to get out of the car and play on the beach. 

The rock pools always have tons of fascinating things for the kids (and adults) to look at.

The crab caused the biggest excitement.

This funny sort of bamboo is underwater in a shallow rock pool.  Just loved the contrast with the little snails.


No-one died when the ship ran aground, but 5 (including the captain) lost their lives during the salvage operation.  The grave was apparently moved when the Great Ocean Road was built.

I am going to be a little quiet over the weekend.  I am trying to get my website up and running, so I need to finalise my portfolio.  Also need to finish processing a family shoot, so between the photos and the house hunting, I am being stretched a bit thin.  Hopefully by Monday I will have everything up and running.


  1. I love these! It is always a pleasure to check out your photoes!

  2. Thanks! I have so much fun taking them :)