Friday, November 6, 2009

Loch Ard Gorge

The story of the Loch Ard is a sad one.  The ship sank off the coast in a storm.  It carried a lot of immigrants, but only two from those on board survived.  One was the cabin boy, Tom, and the other a girl named Eva.

On that stretch of coast the cliffs are very high and the waves rough.  We could see the potential power, even on the wind-still, misty morning we got there.


Tom had managed to get to shore by clinging to debris.  From shore he heard cries for help.  He saw Eva in the water and swam out to help her.  It took him an hour to get her back to shore.  They then sheltered in a cave.

Tom left Eva in the shelter of the cave to climb the cliff and find help.  A rescue party was immediately dispatched to help Eva.  No-one else survived.  A few of the bodies washed into the Blowhole, an area in the rocks where the waves rush in and out, creating a thundering sound.

This is the blowhole from the outside.

This is the other side of the blowhole.  It has no beach area.  I suspect that in those days, they would not have been able to get people out if they ended up in this area.


Some bodies from the wreck were retrieved.  Eva Carmichael had a grave and memorial created for her family and the others who had perished.


The cemetery is surrounded by low bushes and rock walls.  The whole area leaves you wistful…

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