Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fish and chips on the beach

Being first time campers, we were a little nervous.  Setting up the tent was not as difficult as we had expected, but still took quite a bit of time.  We decided to just go pick up some fish and chips for dinner, after the stress of hammering in tent pegs.  We popped over to the Surfing beach across from the Bluff at Barwon Heads.  The timing was perfect. 

The sun was just setting, people were walking their dogs and kids were playing in the water.  It was such a fantastic start to a few days of family time.

The clouds reflected the last of the rays.  The colours were truly glorious.

The last of the light was warm and promised a summer of sun, beach and clear skies.

We spent the rest of the evening at camp, chatting to friends and forgetting about the cares at home.

I set the alarm to catch the sunrise and actually got up the next morning… in time!


  1. Thank you Kate! It was an absolutely idyllic weekend