Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fix It Friday – iHeartFaces

This week’s photo is by Angie.  Two gorgeous little girls, aren’t they!

Fix-It Friday #63


These are just two quick fixes.  Lots to do today: a birthday party to go to and the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk this afternoon. 

My basic fix just moved the pole and added some blur.  Pushed the levels and brightness a bit too.  A slightly closer crop was the final bit.

Then I ran Pioneer Woman’s Heartland action at 89%.

I better run.  To see more versions of this image, click the logo above!


  1. Very pretty final product, good thinking w/ the pole move! I didn't think to do that!

  2. It is something I forget to check often before taking a shot. My lecturers have been giving me grief about things growing out of people's heads ;) so I just had to move it :D

  3. LOVE the dreamy look of that last one! excellent! <3