Sunday, October 4, 2009

Feathers and Ferns

Taking the kids for a quick visit to Sherbrooke forest was a big hit.  Being holidays, they do get bored being stuck at home. 

The cockatoos were a bit aggressive towards each other. 

Cockatoo fight


We fed the parrots and cockatoos for a while, then took a long walk through the forest. 

Australian King-Parrot hanging from branch at Sherbrooke Forest Australian King-Parrot at Sherbrooke Forest

Crimson Rosella parrot in Sherbrooke Forest 

After the rain, it is really beautiful in there.  The huge mountain ash create a canopy over your head with ferns waving you along the paths. 

Fern in Sherbrooke Forest

Everywhere are little treasures for the eye.

Curled fern in Sherbrooke Forest

These little blue flowers I have not noticed before.

Little blue flower in Sherbrooke Forest


  1. Thanks Joy :) I always feel recharged after visiting there.