Sunday, October 25, 2009


We are running around like mad hatters, looking for a place to stay.  We decided to move to a new suburb further out of the city, but closer to a lot of our friends. (Yay!  Babysitters!)  I thought to share a quick photo before church.  The last few days have been a bit chaotic.

Is it not beautiful out there?  An extra bonus is that it is close to the ocean.  We won’t have to drive for an hour to get to the beach anymore!

I have a shoot with a lovely family today at the park.  I will post some photos later.


  1. Good luck finding a wonderful home!

  2. that's such a cool picture!! good luck with the house hunting!

  3. Thank you! The area is really beautiful. The housing estates are bordered by farms, so you get to see a lot of cows and horses. The kids get so excited when they see farm animals.