Thursday, October 22, 2009


I decided to spoil the kids, so I took them for an impromptu picnic near Williamstown yacht club.  We drove around until we spotted a fish and chips shop.  It is a lovely little place called Hobsons Bay Fish and Chips.  I asked for 2 fish and chips.  When they realised we wanted to share, they adjusted the servings and the price, so for $5, we got a huge amount of chips.  The kids loved the wrapped fish and chips.  We found a little table and benches on the quay and had lunch watching the yachts, seagulls and the city.


Afterwards the kids went exploring on the rocks.  They found a little starfish stuck in a small rock pool, left behind by the tide.

On the way out, I saw the little ladybird.  Not what I was expecting on the beach!  It was sitting on this green bed of algae.

We had a ton of fun, but got home quite tired.  Sometimes I feel it will take a week to recover from one outing!

(As you can see, it was a really windy day.)


  1. Thank you! It is really a gorgeous place. It feels like a little holiday beach town right next to the city