Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Melbourne Storms

On Saturday a major storm hit Melbourne, doing a lot of damage.  Thankfully we were spared most of it, being in the outer suburbs.  We got to see some spectacular clouds though.  By Sunday my youngest had cabin fever real bad, so during a lull in the rain, we took a quick trip to the park.

The skies were so beautiful.  There is something about massive clouds and bright blue skies…

The weather changes fast though, so it wasn’t long before we had to run for home.  The wind had picked up in record time and the rain drops were starting to fall.

The sun had lost the battle, but not yet the war!  We are still getting lots of rain (which is wonderful!), but there are also beautiful pockets of sunshine during the day.

PS my daughter had tons of fun at the park, especially when her brother spinned her around.


  1. Wow! Those big grey pouring clouds say it all! Love the one of little miss with her pink raincoat!

  2. I loved her face so much! :D I am so glad I found that raincoat. She loves it