Friday, March 12, 2010

Fix It Friday – The Pinball Machine

This week’s challenge is to give a different look to this gorgeous little one watching her grandfather play pinball.  I just love the lights from the machine.  It gives a real ambience to the image.


I did not want to lose too much of the light and colour of the machine, but the colour of the jacket in the background was really distracting, especially when the exposure of the image was pushed up.  I filled in the white bits, which helped a lot, then played around with a few effects.

Pioneer Woman’s Vintage applied to the surrounding area

Pioneer Woman’s Heartland

Pioneer Woman’s Colorized

Pioneer Woman’s Soft and Faded run twice.

I just kept going back to vintage-feel images.

Be sure to check out the other contributors’ versions of this sweet image.


  1. Great ! My favorites are the first and last one :)

    Have an inspiring and beautiful weekend !


  2. I like the last one! All those beautiful curves she has on her! It is a gorgeous picture!

  3. i like the last one the best - the background looks like a watercolor painting! pioneer woman rocks!

  4. I agree...the last one is simply it...can't wait to get home and work with this picture myself. Great job!!!

  5. these are those actions are really something.

  6. I love them! My favorite is the first one! I love the Pioneer Woman! Isn't she great? That Vintage is fab!

  7. Looks like my hubby is winning ;) He likes the last one most and my favourite is the first one :D PW's actions are awesome! Learnt so much from using them. For those who haven't got them yet, she recently updated them again. (and they are free!)