Sunday, March 14, 2010

Morning and evening

Every morning and every evening that the sun shines and skies are blue… the little Corellas come.  With lots of noise, feathers and destruction, they land everywhere and destroy anything that their beaks can get to.  They tear all the small branches from the trees and chew on the pipes on the houses.

This was taken at sunset in Narre Warren.  Some of these birds are seagulls.  The swarms we get in Berwick are even bigger (and don’t include seagulls).  A reason I am grateful for rainy days:  I don’t get woken by squawking!

So excuse me if I am a little grumpy today.  The birds started again early this morning!


  1. Terrific photo !

    Have an inspiring week... with not so many birds :)


  2. Thank you! They weren't that noisy this morning. Hopefully they will start moving on for winter soon.

  3. A glorious picture! At first I presumed they were fruit bats because they fill our sky! They aren't as squawky thank goodness!

  4. You must be glad the bats are quiet! :D