Monday, March 22, 2010

Somers Camp

My oldest is on a nine day camp.  Obviously this is harder on mom than on him!  He is having such a blast.  On Sunday, we could go see him and took with a picnic.  The first worry was that he would still be wearing the same clothes as he started with.  But he had been good and changed every day (the pile of washing I brought home attests to that!)

I don’t take responsibility for the hair though!  Apparently it was because of the helmet he had worn earlier the day.

The camp is gorgeous, with tons of activities like boating, archery, orienteering, flying foxes and so forth.  A huge adventure for the kids.

They even have an animal section where the kids look after farm animals.  It was so amazing to watch my boy (who is growing up too fast) show his younger siblings how to care for a guinea pig.


The camp also has easy access to the beach (they had surfing lessons too!).  We crossed a river on a suspension bridge to get there.

The kids of course had a blast on the beach. 

You could even see Philip Island from there.

But with the rain coming and visiting time almost over, it was time to go home.

Can’t wait to have my big boy back home!  We were so proud to see him so independent and grown up. (and at least I have another baby in the house for a little while)

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