Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cockatoos and charging batteries

Today turned out to be an absolutely perfect day with blue skies and no wind.  All excited, we packed a picnic basket and went off to Sherbrooke Forest today to have a picnic and feed the cockatoos and parrots.  The kids voted to eat first, so they rushed through the sandwiches and snacks and off we went to buy seeds.  Great fun as the first birds landed.  Then reality struck.  I had not checked my camera’s battery before we left.  And it was flat…  I got a few photos in before it died.  Two of these were taken with my son’s little Canon Powershot.   

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo    Sherbrooke Forest

Australian King Parrot          


After a day out with these three, I am exhausted.

Oh, and the lens hood paid for itself today when a huge cockatoo decided to perch on my camera, curling his hooks into the lens hood.  That could have been my lens!  So the day went well. 

The forest photo and the black and white of my son were taken with the Powershot.

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