Saturday, July 11, 2009

Row, row, row your boat, gently past the ice cream

My husband volunteered (he really did!) to look after the kids this morning so I could go to Melbourne CBD and take some photos in peace.  I took the tram in early, but got really worried about the weather the close we got to the city.  The wind was blowing wildly and rain was splattering everywhere.  Five minutes after getting off at Flinders street station, the rain stopped. 

I first walked past Southgate along the Yarra river.  I was hoping to catch some rowers on the river and I was not disappointed.


Some more photos walking towards Docklands, past Crown.  While walking, you can smell all the wonderful aromas of the cafes and restaurants cooking breakfast.  The first smell was of flapjacks.  Across the river, the trains come thundering past every now and then.  They sound like a big wave breaking on the shore.


One day we are going to take a trip on the river barges.  Some of the river trips go all the way to Williamstown and Scienceworks.


Here and there birds are hanging around, hoping for something to eat.


Some views of the city from the south side of the river.  Early on a Saturday morning, very few people are around and it is quiet.


I walked past this little gelato place.  I KNOW as a child I would have loved the multicoloured one, but my tastes have definitely changed! 


There are more photos and more ‘story’, but the washing needs to be sorted and the kids entertained.  I will update with the rest soon.


  1. A lovely gallery of photoes. You got that silvery grey of a Melbourne Winter exactly right!

  2. Beeee-autiful! If you're keen for a few more unusual Melbourne city sights, apparently the city is opening a number of old, and usually hidden, attractions on Sunday 19th July.

  3. Thanks Rudi, I will definitely go find out about it. Sounds like a great opportunity.