Friday, July 3, 2009

Tram trip

I decided that we should rather take the tram into town when we went to the museum.  It adds to the adventure and saves me $12 in parking fees!  The best part is that I can take photos while we travel.

On the way back we accidently took the wrong tram.  Don’t stand in the crowd waiting for the tram.  When they move, you have not much choice but to move with.  Thank goodness the trams are really regular.  When we noticed we were going the wrong way, we just got off and got on the tram going back.  Five minutes later we were on the right tram going home.  It was great being on an empty tram.  It was an unique opportunity to take photos.

It is amazing how close the trams pass to each other. 

I really like this photo I took of my son on the tram.  He always has such a huge smile.  The tooth fairy is out of pocket a lot these days.

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