Thursday, July 30, 2009

Travelling in Melbourne at night

Last night I had class again in the city.  I just love the lights and the colours.  There is so much energy and life when I arrive.  Everyone is rushing to the station to catch a train or a tram.

This is Flinders street at night.


The city circle tram is free and travels a circular route in the city.  It is apparently quite a nice experience.

Across the street is a restaurant on the second floor.  I loved how the lights fell against the building.  Can you see the band in the bottom left corner?

The Southbank is really lively at night.  So many restaurants and eateries.  I really enjoy watching the lights on the Ferris wheel play.  The blur on the bridge is a tram.  The building with the purple lights is the Arts centre.  I travel the footbridge to get across the river.

Today I stayed home to try to catch up on sleep, which didn’t happen.  Tomorrow I am hoping to visit the aquarium again.  It is finally raining in Melbourne, so indoor activities are great!


  1. Thanks :) The lights are just so beautiful. Next week I want to try to walk a slightly different route to see if I can find some new shots

  2. Wow these are awesome! I gotta take more night shots.

  3. Glad you like them :) I just love all the colours in the city at night.