Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Barberton Daisies

I love having flowers in the house.  Over the weekend the bright colours of the gerberas called to me and I couldn’t resist buying a few.  The slight colour change on the edges of the petals looks so much like a backlighting glow to me. 

Unfortunately they are not lasting very long in the heat we have been experiencing.  When the rain started coming down, I thought it would be ideal to put them outside to take some photos.  My daughter decided she wanted to participate.

She had so much fun with the flowers. 

“Mommy I am smelling the flower” – Why is everything a two-year-old says so cute?  Must be the tone of voice!

These are my two favourite photos of the afternoon with her.  Not long now and she will be like her brothers, preferring to play rather than being around mom and risking being photographed!

PS gerberas are also know as Barberton daisies in South Africa

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