Monday, January 25, 2010

Rude Awakening

In our area we have a lot of cockatoos breeding in the trees surround the farmland and in the parks.  This specific type is a Long-billed Corella.  I used to find them fascinating….

but after a few mornings of these huge flocks screeching over the house, I am not so enamoured anymore.

Today three flocks came flying into the park while the kids were playing.  Unfortunately I saw a little of the movie “Birds” as a kid.  Not a good combination.  The cockatoos are fast, like little torpedos.

They all landed in the branches, calling to each other.  They seem to be really social birds, though a bit rough and tumble at times.

Soon they will move on.  Then I can sleep late over weekends.  Oh I forgot… I guess with kids up early I will still not get to lie in!

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