Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I decided to take this week to try different things with portraits.  Thankfully my kids aren’t yet camera-shy!  I took a few in the playground.  The sun was still really sharp and stark, so I tried to get the lighting on the faces even, letting the background blow out a bit.  A very shallow depth of field helped blur the background so it would not distract from the face.

This is one of the shots.  I liked the high key tone of the image, with similar colours in the foreground and background.  She loves the dry river bed at the playground.  I blame Makka Pakka (“In The Nightgarden”) for her fascination with rocks!

She can be such a little angel, but so strong-willed… 

I will post more shots tomorrow.  My husband is flying out early tomorrow morning, so it is going to be a really long day for us.  So I am going to bed a little earlier than normal.

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  1. A lovely portrait! I love seeing children in photoes that really show character!