Saturday, January 2, 2010

The golden light of the evening

Since New Year’s Eve, we have been having a bit of rain and some thunderstorms.  The sky has been white with low-lying clouds.  Last night I was just sitting in the study, trying to digest some upsetting news, when I realised the whole room had lit up.  The sky had turned a beautiful golden colour.  It turned everything into a magical, romantic place.


I just love that we have lavender in our garden!


Our garden has been a little neglected with the move and all the celebrations, hence the dandelions…

It was a beautiful tribute to a wonderful mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.  Goodbye grandma Clarie, we miss you.


  1. My friend had a baby girl she called Amber Sky and I think of her every time the sky turns that colour!
    Sympathies for the loss of your grandma Clarie

  2. Such a beautiful name! That is so poetic.

    Thank you for the sympathy