Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beating Lethargy

It is getting to the stage of the holidays where I just want to curl up in bed and sleep until noon.  The kids are getting bored with the normal distractions and the house is progressively falling into a chaotic black hole.  I made a deal with myself to make a big effort today and get all of us out of the house.  So… today I did 5 loads of washing, took the kids swimming and enrolled us at the local library.


My oldest especially was really grateful about going to the library, since he is a ferocious reader and he finished his Christmas books weeks ago.  He even got himself an audio book so he could listen to a story while falling asleep.  He gets his funny reading positions from me, unfortunately for him!

I turned one room into a ‘library’.  That means I put all the bookcases together in one room and placed all the extra chairs and beanbags there.  With all the books together, I realised I need more book shelves!

Thankfully we all love reading.  Even my youngest gets excited about books.


  1. kids who love to read?? i think your job as a parent is officially over. :)

    i'm going OUT OF MY MIND with boredom, so we're making a trip to the swimming pool tomorrow, too.

  2. Thanks! I think in our house they were doomed to love reading. My husband and I both devour books at a tremendous rate.
    I think have have found the perfect balance now. The library is across the street from the pool, so we can swim, then get books :D