Friday, January 29, 2010

When a parent has to be sneaky

During school holidays routine seems to go out the window.  My youngest suffered the most, since she still needs an afternoon nap.  I had to find a compromise, allowing her to sleep without the boys tearing the house down from boredom.

I let the boys play Wii, for as long as she sleeps.  They make a lot of noise and wake her, game time is obviously over.  The motivation seems to work!  (It can be fun watching their expressions while they play!)

And sleep she does.  Amazing how the tantrums go away when she gets enough rest…


  1. What a brilliant strategy and what exquisite picture. They say so much.

  2. All of mine need naps but mostly the baby. She isn't much of a napper these days and boy has she been crabby! Love these shots! Beautiful as always :)

  3. LOVE this post! The photos of your daughter sleeping are beautiful, and the ones of your sons playing video games are so fun!

    Thankfully my kids, since they all share a room with someone, sleep through just about anything. I would have such a hard time keeping the 3 boys quite during Bella's naps.

    Glad your motivation works, because when baby girl isn't happy... no one's happy!! haha