Saturday, January 9, 2010

Moms, kids and school holidays

School only starts again in February, so the kids are already showing signs of cabin fever.  Since we have a yearly pass for the Melbourne Aquarium, I decided we should take a train trip in to the city. 

After drowning my sorrows over the broken lens in a huge box of chocolate, I decided to just have fun with the photography and focus on getting the shot, not worrying about graininess and ISO.  (My slower lens required me to shoot at 1600 ISO).

We started with the penguins again.  They swim so enormously fast! 


My daughter loves the seahorses.  This one was really swimming upside down.

We rushed through the  next area, since the kids wanted to get to the interactive display.  We did stop to look at some of the fish and frogs though.  The last frog is quite venomous: the poison arrow frog.

  The kids then took some time to touch the creatures in the interactive display.

Then we got to the jellyfish.  The lighting in there was great!  The kids loved how their white clothes lit up under the lights.

The jellyfish are lit with different kinds of light to show their different properties.

  These babies are about the size of my fingernail.

This giant crab looked like it was posing!  Couldn’t resist getting a shot.

The day ended up being enormous fun, in both the photography and time with the kids.


  1. Cool! In every sense of the word!

  2. Wow what fantastic photos! Sorry to hear about your broken lens :( but looks like you did just fine without it :) Looks like you guys had a great time!

  3. Was definitely lots of fun :) My husband agreed (without my having to resort to thumb screws ;)) to buy me a better 50mm. Really excited and can't wait. Until then, I am going to experiment to the max with my zoom lens.