Monday, February 1, 2010

A Garfield Monday

Today was the first day back at school for the boys.  It started relatively well, considering.  Hubby had to see a client, so he took the car.  And then forgot his mobile phone at home.  Not too much of a worry, usually he can Skype me from the clients’ offices.

We made it to school on time (though I was halfway down the street before I realised I forgot my shoes) and the kids seemed to settle into their new classes really well.  (My oldest was off to class so fast, his teacher had to send him back to say goodbye.)

On the way back, my daughter and I made a detour at the park.  She loves running up and down the steps.

At home I started to unpack some of the boxes still left from the move.  Couldn't chat to hubby since he wasn’t on Skype for some reason. Then I heard the scream…

Seems there was a piece of broken glass from a frame in the bottom of the box.  Somehow she had cut her whole knee open with it.  So there I was, stuck at home, no way to get to hubby and I couldn’t remember where I had put the first aid kit.  All worked out in the end. Got hold of a colleague of hubby’s to track him down.  Phoned a neighbour to get us to hospital after I bandaged her leg. She got some stiches, though the swelling was a bit much, so she  has to see the doctor later this week again because they couldn’t close it all.

Mom and dad are totally freaked out and struggling to focus and sit still.  Little one is quite happy, though no-one is allowed near her leg (the injections made her scream more than the cut).  Any way for me to skip next Monday?

Well, I better fetch the kids from school.  I will have to carry her in the backpack until her leg heals.  Carrying a 20kg child 1.2km twice a day will help me lose weight, right?


PS sorry if this post is very frazzled and incoherent. I usually cope a bit better under these kinds of circumstances.  Too many things went wrong all at once today.


  1. Sounds like a hectic day, sorry to hear that she hurt her leg with the glass!! I looove the series of photos of your daughter - beautiful.

  2. Oh my! How scary would that be! I love that your outlook on carrying that sweet girl is that you might shed a pound or two :) I hope that she feels better soon - ice cream works wonders around here lol :)

  3. Congratulations on surviving!
    I hope the knee heals quickly!