Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cold mornings

For this week’s assignments, we had to make two images that use light to set a mood (any mood).  One image had to have a person as a subject, the other none.  This is my second image. 

Doesn’t this image make you feel like the cold just before the sun starts heating up the earth?  That feeling early in the morning when the soil is really chilly after a cool night, the freeze running up through your feet and all you want to do is climb back in bed, curled up tight?  And just ahead you can see the sun coming with a promise of warmth, if you can just stand in it for a little while.

Well, at least I hope the images conveys something like that!  I just loved the sparseness of the image.  The shadows from the trees and the orange leaf lying so brightly amongst the few little tufts of grass.

The image was actually taken on a nice morning that turned into a 30 degree day.  I had overslept for sunrise, the sun had been up for about 15 minutes when this image was taken.

Ok, so this was lots of words, few images.  We are on our way to the aquarium, so look out for more images of that.

(PS this was also taken in Anglesea.  Everyone else was still fast asleep and thought I was really weird getting up early on a weekend away!)


  1. I just love the early mornings (when I manage to pull myself out of bed that is ;))