Friday, February 26, 2010

Fix It Friday Challenge

The Fix It Friday challenge this week has such an adorable image, I couldn’t resist the challenge.

I first did some basic editing (some in Bridge), bringing down the exposure and pushing up fill light, brightness and contrast.  I also added a little vibrance,  In Photoshop CS 4 I edited the levels just a tiny bit.  Then I tried something I hadn’t done before.  I moved the slider for the Cyan Hue to the right and increased the saturation just a little.  It changed the colour of the sky to a more purply-blue colour.  (I think my lecturer would take me to task for that colour description!).  I sharpened a little and added some warmth using Pioneer Woman’s actions (link).  This is the image I got.

Then I played a bit, trying different looks to the one above.

70’s action from Pioneer Woman

Applied a few actions from Pioneer Woman in combination to try to create an antique sort of look

Cloud filter (I couldn’t resist)

I really like the original crop, but I tried two others, just for variety.


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  1. Wow! The purple sky one is really cool.
    Thanks for stopping by my photoblog.

  2. Great job! The purple sky looks really neat but I love the 70's action from Pioneer Woman! Could you send me a link to it??

    I'm just a beginner! Check my Fit-It Friday out here -

  3. Here's the link
    Sorry, I updated the post so the link is in it :)

  4. I like your edit with the Cloud filter. It's kind of surreal looking. All of them look really good, though; the 70's one is great, too and takes me back to my childhood days. Great job and thanks for sharing your different takes on these!

  5. Thank you, glad you liked them :)